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The Limetree Festival 2011

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Getting to JB's and The Limetree Festival site this summer

If you've never been to The Limetree Festival before then you've been missing out. This is one festival you certainly won't want to skip in 2011. If you're getting a little tired of the big ticket prices of the larger festivals, want something a bit more intimate, a weekend where you can actually see the headline performers without the need for binoculars, somewhere with an environmental conscience and a family friendly funky vibe, then book your tickets and head on up (or down) to Grewelthorpe (near Ripon) this August.

Directions by car from the South

We strongly advise to take the route on the map below through Masham as Grewelthorpe is clearly sign posted.

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Directions by car from the North

We strongly advise to take the route on the map below through Masham as Grewelthorpe is clearly sign posted.

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Travelling Notes: Train, Bus, Car & Foot

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Oranges are not the only fruit: The Limetree Festival

By Arthur on Jun 10, 2011 in Culture, Featured, Summer

Fed up with commercial, corporate sponsored, over-hyped, over priced, over-subscribed festivals? You are? Then read on; hidden away on a quiet farm in North Yorkshire, Limetree festival is the antithesis of all of these things; small, not-for-profit, independently run and just big enough to pack in all manner of attractions without giving you a stitch getting from one side to the other.

Limetree festival was started four years ago with the aim of incorporating all the best elements of festivals and billed as a “return to how festivals used to be”. Held each year on Lime Tree Farm in Grewelthorpe near Ripon, the festival site is an area of outstanding natural beauty and features rolling hills, meadows, a stone circle and an iron-age round house. The site itself is a nature reserve and conservation area and has inspired the low-impact ethos of the festival, with the aim to “leave only footprints”. In conjunction with Lodge Environmental, festival organisers are doing their utmost to keep the impact on the surrounding area to the very minimum with recycling bags available to all and no bottled water being sold onsite this year, minimising waste. All drinking water will be provided by the natural spring on the farm with reusable flasks supplied by

The festival will feature numerous stages with a variety of acts encompassing; world music, folk, dance, hip-hop, jazz, dub-step and everything in between. Headliners include a dj set from Zero7, Portishead’s Andy Smith, Fox North Coalition and Wilful Missing but away from the main stage, there’s plenty to keep you interested; Captain Hotknives will be appearing at Lime Trees for the fourth year running, bringing his hilariously dry take on life to the Jason Rae stage, set to be a popular draw. There’s also the Dub Fairy (aka Katie Hamilton-Farey) weaving her magic armed with only a bass guitar and a loop pedal, definitely worth a look (and a listen).

There is much going on aside from the music too, with children’s activities for all ages, storytelling, stand-up comedy, workshops,  dance classes and massage, among many, many other things to keep you variously; relaxing, laughing, dancing, listening, making…depending on how the mood takes you.

In sum, Limetree festival looks set to achieve its mission statement. They may share the same weekend as Leeds festival but that’s about all they do share!


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