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Limetree Promotions is all about a passion for the music and our role is to help an Artist to package their creativity and skill into a tangible product that can lead to a footing on the very competitive music industry ladder. Its important to say we are not an Entertainment Agency nor a Management Company, what we are is a diverse, skilled Promotion’s team bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help connect an Artist into the music industry.

The video below gives a taste of what Limetree Promotions are all about.

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At Limetree Promotions we believe that each Artist brings their own particular individuality and it is through a partnership approach that the uniqueness of each artist takes promotional shape. There is, of course an industry to navigate and this can be very daunting for an artist – and that’s where we come in. It is our role to help the artist through the industry waters so as not to feel their creative and personal integrity are compromised. At Limetree the musician is not divorced from the person, we work in partnership with the Artist in order to provide a bespoke, tailored service that captures the very essence of the Artist. In short we keep the whole thing soulful.

Limetree Promotions is a Community Interest Company (CIC), which is essentially a Social Enterprise Business. It is regulated like any other business but the difference is that the social, community and environmental aims are as important as any financial aims. So the profits do not line anyone’s pockets but rather they are used to further social, community and environmental good. This means we can operate for community advantages rather than for private advantages – we like to pass this directly on to everyone we work with which is something a private company simply cannot afford to do.

At Limetree you can expect quality to run through all that we offer, from the working relationships to the equipment we use; it is all designed to help artists promote themselves whilst still being able to focus on what they do best….making music.

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