Join JB's at The Limetree Festival in August 2011

The Limetree Festival 2011

Looking for some quality tunes this summer? Then get yourself to JB's @ The Limetree

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JB's is proud to be at The Limetree this year

JB's started out in 2009 as a club night of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul and other great music. Offering two or three live bands and a chilled out groove each evening, JB's happenings were popular with music and party lovers, artists and audience alike. Since its inception, JB's has developed close links with many musicians, agents and event promoters throughout the UK.

An appearance by Chunky Butt Funky at JB's introduced JB's to the Limetree team and in May 2010 JB's organised a storming 'Road to Limetree' gig at Jackson's Pit in Oldham featuring The Tritones and Extra Curricular. Some of JB's music lovers headed on up to Limetree in 2010 and were treated to a quality weekend of music and hospitality. Some of the great performances included Extra Curricular, The James Taylor Quartet and a Craig Charles DJ set.

When asked if JB's would like to be a part of the 2011 festival, it was a question with only one possible answer. Yes, of course; just that throws up a hundred other questions and the logistics of organising over thiry five artists '150' musicians and a club tent slap bang in the middle of the festival ground.

JB's announced its provisional lineup for the festival in February 2011. We hope you like it as much as we do and to see you @ The Limetree this summer.

JB's World Music

JB's @ The Limetree Festival 2011

JB's will be there, in the heart of the 2011 festival ground, offering some of the finest jazz, blues, funk and world music. The provisional lineup for JB's tent includes some superb bands that you may or may not have seen before including...


Friday 26th August/Saturday morning ;-)

Rhythm Zoo
The Effekuators
Make It Nice Brothers
Scapegoat Kelly Band
Jessie Lee Burn
Fox North Coalition (formerly Hijak Oscar)
Doris Brendel Trio unplugged
2 Grains of SandS unplugged
Laura Whelan Trio unplugged/Dinner Jazz


Saturday 27th August/Sunday morning ;-)

I am Three
The Cotton House Shakers
The Midnite Johnny Band
The Mick Simpson Band
The Northern Jazz Orchestra
Simon Currie uplugged
Denise Morgan unplugged
Dan Burnett unplugged


Sunday 28th August

Acoustic Graffiti
Cold Flame
Emily Leonard Band
Natural Rhythm Band
Make it Nice Brothers unplugged
Paul Middleton Angst Band
Buddy Whittington Band


.....and that's just in JB's tent! Learn more about the artists appearing @ JB's tent in 2011

Chevy Astro Van Jb's at the Limetree festival

Come on over to JB's Jazz, Blues, Funk and World Music Tent @ The Limetree Festival this year

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