'Leeds City Stompers' on the JB's stage @ The Limetree Festival August 25th 2012

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JB's at the The Limetree Festival

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JB's welcomes 'Leeds City Stompers' to Limetree Festival in 2012



Born out of a love for old Americana- from blues struts, swinging jazz standards, and delta stomps to folk ballads and country waltzes, the Leeds City Stompers can be guaranteed to bring a ruckus to any party.

Ragtime guitar, slapped double bass and wailing harmonica capture the era of gin joints and honky-tonks, as they belt out the hits of Blind Blake, Louis Jordan, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, and many more from that golden age of gangster’s molls, prohibition and the wind-up gramophone.

Their own story starts 5 years ago with a chance encounter on the streets of New Orleans. They had each been busking across the southern states when they bumped into one another on Bourbon Street and recognizing the scent of white rose and whippets through the Big Easy’s tang of crayfish and gumbo they decided to return together to their native Yorkshire to spread the gospel of traditional American music.

Two men, one big sound, let’s get this shack shakin’



JB's would like to thank all the bands and individual artists for their participation in the 2011 festival, bringing along not only their amazing talents but also an energetic enthusiasm for the Limetree spirit of family fun and high quality music. Cheers again to everyone involved this year. Peace and love x

Please note that band listings and times are only provisional and approximate, subject to change without notice. Please check back on this site, immediately prior to the festival, for confirmed artists and final running order. Learn more about all the bands appearing onstage in JB's Club Zone.

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