'Albany Down' on the JB's stage @ The Limetree Festival August 25th 2012

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Albany Down on the Jb's stage August 25th Limetree 2012




Revolution comes in cycles. It happened with the British rediscovery of American blues in the sixties, and it's happening again in 2012. Albany Down serve up their own blend of infectious contemporary blues-rock music, whilst not forgetting to give a respectful nod of recognition to the glorious past.

Fresh from recording their debut album produced by studio legend Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals, InMe), the British 4-piece are putting the finishing touches to the massive launch of their first opus, entitled "South Of The City".

With a great team behind them and a glittering future ahead, it is surely only a matter of time before Albany Down become one of Europe's most recognisable supergroups.

A re-imagining of the classic rock master melodies of yesteryear, Albany Down take the raw, gritty and unpretentious nuances of a wonderful period in rock and roll history, and transform it into something really 'now'; something very special for the digital-download generation, and something for their sons, daughters and parents too. It is truly universal music.

Taking inspiration from Free, Zeppelin, Hendrix and the Stones, Albany Down combine a stunning and totally electric live performance with a studio album of superb quality and universal appeal.

Albany Down - The Masters



billy-dedman paul-turley Damian Cambell Paul Muir

Billy DedmanBass Guitar

" In high school, all of my friends were picking up guitars, but I figured if everyone is going to do that, what about other instruments? So I decided on the bass guitar. "

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Paul TurleyElectric Guitar

" I first picked up the guitar when I was 14. I was playing other instruments, but the guitar was the only one that really clicked with me. "

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Damien CampbellDrummer

" I encountered my first set of drums at performing arts school when I was 11. I haven’t looked back since! "

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Paul MuirVocalist

" I was brought up surrounded by music. My Mum and Dad are both big music fans and whether I was at home or visiting my Dad, there was usually something musical going on. "

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