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JB's welcomes 'The Scapegoat Kelly Band' to Limetree Festival in 2011


The Scapegoat Kelly Band on stage Saturday tea time August 27th


Scape Goat Kelly Band alive and well playing the JBs stage August 26th Limetree festival 2011




Scapegoat Kelly

A review by Nick Ellam 15.11.07

Contrary to popular belief, the Blues Bar does not just book blues bands and Scapegoat Kelly are far from it. This seven piece jazz/funk/reggae/rap outfit have been gigging for over three years and have a strong following. Having established themselves with one of the prestigious Thursday night residencies they attract a good crowd.
The band, made up of: Rich Anson (vocals), Dan Webster (trumpet/percussion), Robin Harvey (saxophone), Alex Methven (ke ys), Dave Gracy (drums), Pete Oliver (bass) and Nathan Tooke (guitar) Alex Keys
Nathan is the newest member and I think has made a valuable contribution even after only two gigs. They started off the evening with a version of ‘Cantaloupe island’ adapted with original lyrics and backed by a very strong horn section.‘Lovesick’ uses GURU’s lyrics and that KFC tune (?) with Nathan improvising a good guitar break.
Alex Keys

As you can tell, it’s difficult to work out the providence of the tracks as the band seem to put their own mark on any cover they do! Every time I’ve seen Scapegoat Kelly play, they have never failed to get people dancing and this gig was no exception, in fact it’s difficult to keep still!
I particularly like the adaptation of ‘Got the right key’, the whole band working well together - especially Pete and Dave holding up the backline and Alex’s keyboards coming through nicely - it was good to see him play with both hands now there’s a smoking ban!!
Other tracks to keep the audience on their feet included 'Sistas' and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ which is slower than the original but with a reggae beat. A cracking version of Liquidator/Guns of Naverone rhythmes for ‘Other Man’s Girlfriend’ with Rich’s own contraversial lyrics and vocals powering throughout made for another brilliant gig.
There are no other bands in the area like Scapegoat Kelly and the only thing they could improve upon is to have more material - but that’s me being selfish! Look out for this impressive 7-piece band playing in the Blues bar every third Thursday each month.



JB's would like to thank all the bands and individual artists for their participation in the 2011 festival, bringing along not only their amazing talents but also an energetic enthusiasm for the Limetree spirit of family fun and high quality music. Cheers again to everyone involved this year. Peace and love x

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