'I am three' in JB's @ The Limetree Festival

JB's at the The Limetree Festival

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JB's welcomes 'I am Three'' to Limetree Festival in 2011


Jesuistrois will be on stage Saturday afternoon August 27th

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I am three on the JB's stage Limetree festival August 27th 2011



I Am Three are a British band formed in 2008. Their live set up is made up of multi-instrumentalist Irving on double bass and vocals and Hughes on guitar, vocals, cider bottle and rollies. They have gigged in hundreds of locations throughout Europe from Manchester to Milan and are set to tour the fringe of Russia in 2010.

Dubbed the Northern version of Withnail and I, their music is often described as cult alt-folk rock-emo-rap-blues by those who wish to describe it. Their on stage persona ranges from side-splittingly funny to wistful as a mournful parting in the rain.

The band’s greatest achievements include Hughes’ marriage to a woefully beautiful woman whilst passing through Switzerland, driving 3000 miles without any functioning brakes, the world record for the longest held note in one breath (featured on their next album), and an extensive knowledge of timber-framed houses.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity that I Am Three have to offer, begging the question of their influences. It is easier to pin-point an ethic – they dare to experiment, failing to care about what is expected in the creation and expression of music. Their recorded music is a colourful palette of shifting genres.

Having heard their first two releases you may find yourself drawn into their world while at the same time feeling slightly confused.




JB's would like to thank all the bands and individual artists for their participation in the 2011 festival, bringing along not only their amazing talents but also an energetic enthusiasm for the Limetree spirit of family fun and high quality music. Cheers again to everyone involved this year. Peace and love x

Please note that band listings and times are only provisional and approximate, subject to change without notice. Please check back on this site, immediately prior to the festival, for confirmed artists and final running order. Learn more about all the bands appearing onstage in JB's Club Zone.

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