'The Effekuators' in JB's @ The Limetree Festival

JB's at the The Limetree Festival

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JB's welcomes 'The Effekuators' to Limetree Festival in 2011


The Effekuators on stage Friday afternoon August 26th


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The Effekuators alive and in the groove JBs stage Friday August 26th Limetree festival 2011....

Effektuators have a super rhythmical, invigorating, dance floor igniting power and they are creating a magnetic buzz that in tune groovers are compelled to be part of. The stunning 6-piece band are bursting through Manchester’s music scene with full Effekt and vibrance. 

Their style is a blend of funk rock rhythms spiced with Latin flavours, sprinkled with a hint of jazz, topped with a generous serving of powerful vocals and lyrical gymnastics. Effektuators have in fact conjured up a distinct sound that defies the boundaries of genres. They deliver an astonishing live performance and have already rocked several festivals this year. 

The band consists of six exceptionally talented musicians, all of who are powerful Mancunians totally different to one another both in character and in musical prowess. The Empress Ebere aka Michelle Udogu blesses the mic with soulful rootsy vocals that can only be attributed to an Empress. She is accompanied by the poetic shaman Chris Jam whose linguistic linguini spoken word mastery reminds us of our purpose.Stu Whitehead is on the bass and he is also the bona fide rock star of the crew. Andy Kidd is the keyboard player and true innovator. The guitarist is Gerri Lindo responsible for the super funky riffs and the drummer is Mark Horridge who is one of the tightest drummers in the North. They each add their own sonic ingredient to this special musical mix, resulting in a vibrant sonic explosion that’s guaranteed to rock any party. 

Effektuators have been going for around a year. They were drawn together by the summer vibes last year and jammed through the night at a lil festi called Solfest. On their return they formed the Effektuators and started gigging around, attracting a bunch of loyal followers. Earlier this year they stole the limelight at the Trip Festival in Anglesey and were the most talked about band of the festival. They also caused a riot in the Riot Jazz Café at Kendal calling. They are about to effektuate the Ritz supporting 808 state in November. The band is also working towards an album which will be released next year.



JB's would like to thank all the bands and individual artists for their participation in the 2011 festival, bringing along not only their amazing talents but also an energetic enthusiasm for the Limetree spirit of family fun and high quality music. Cheers again to everyone involved this year. Peace and love x

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