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JB's welcomes 'The Claire Cameron Trio ' to Limetree Festival in 2011


Claire and the guys will be on stage Sunday afternoon August 28th

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Claire Cameron Trio , playing the Jb's stage Sunday August 28th Limetree arts and music festival 2011


Claire Cameron Band’s music is inventive and catchy, fusing genres of rock, folk, metal, pop, and acoustic music to create a superb, melody driven sound which is delighting audiences wherever they play. Continuing the energetic Leeds tradition the band write and perform original, passionate, emotive songs with their signature mix of styles. Claire Cameron Band have a dynamic and compelling stage presence that exhibits a real love of music and performance that is infectious to the crowd, and are becoming known for their well-rehearsed and passionately delivered sets as well as the generous scattering of Chocolate Eclairs across the venue!

Recent Live Reviews:

Claire Cameron Band live360 Club at The Library
The 21st January proved a frenetic lively Friday night at the Library in Leeds at the 360 Club. We dropped in and watched the Claire Cameron Band a while.

'Well Claire's done it again, a wonderful performance, wowing the packed noisy throng with her sleek elegant looks, powerfully evocative, passionate voice, personal lyrics and restrained yet paradoxically free almost improvised keyboarding. This combined with intricate hand percussion on a pair of conga's and a cymbal by Jim Gaylard and distinctive rhythmic guitaring by Pete Nash produce a purely contemporary experience and a band truly worth travelling to see. Eve- Yorkshire Gig Guide

360 Club at The Library:
'Claire Cameron Band are regulars on the local gigging circuit and their highly accomplished and experimental style begs the question as to why they have not been snapped up already and flown off to bigger and grander things. Their set begins very strongly meshing complex guitar parts, powerful vocals and interestingly off kilter keyboard sections with personal lyrics and a confident stage persona. After a beautiful rendition of 'Amethyst' they finish strongly with a cover of Peggy Lee's 'Fever' that puts Beyonce's perfume advert rendition to shame.' -Rebecca Atkinson Leeds Music Scene

Comments from Listeners:

'Angular, challenging passages are skillfully built into the songs which often swirl around Claire's outstanding voice'....

'The music of Claire Cameron Band takes a cross section of almost every genre imaginable and flits between them in a surprisingly cohesive manner. Rock, metal, folk and prog all have a place'....

'Thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics, punchy piano, solid rhythms, electric guitar snaking in and out of powerful verses and catchy choruses; Claire Cameron Band have it all.' ;-P


JB's would like to thank all the bands and individual artists for their participation in the 2011 festival, bringing along not only their amazing talents but also an energetic enthusiasm for the Limetree spirit of family fun and high quality music. Cheers again to everyone involved this year. Peace and love x

Please note that band listings and times are only provisional and approximate, subject to change without notice. Please check back on this site, immediately prior to the festival, for confirmed artists and final running order. Learn more about all the bands appearing onstage in JB's Club Zone.

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