Buddy Whittington in JB's @ The Limetree Festival

JB's at the The Limetree Festival

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JB's welcomes Buddy Whittington to Limetree Festival in 2011


Buddy and the guys will be on stage Sunday evening August 28th


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Buddy Whittington playing the Jbs stage August 28th Limetree Arts and Music Festival 2011



Buddy Whittington has been described by his ex-boss of 15 years as “possibly the greatest Bluesbreaker of them all”. Considering that the boss is John Mayall and the “all” includes Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor, this is not an accolade to be taken lightly.
Touring the US supporting ZZ Top for their 1995 ‘Antenna’ World Tour, and playing alongside Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor in 2003 for John’s 70th Birthday Concert at The King’s Dock Arena in Liverpool stand out as definite high points of Buddy’s tenure as a Bluesbreaker.

Now signed to UK label Manhaton Records, Buddy is set to release his second solo album ‘Six String Svengali’.
Following the critical success of his self-titled solo CD in 2007, Buddy returned to Hurricane Sound in Garland, Texas earlier this year, working with with engineer / producer / drummer Mike Gage and longtime Texas based bassist Wayne Six to record eleven exciting new original tunes.

Buddy really does have it all...a great sense of melody, great touch dynamics, great phrasing, and a killer tone, a modern Texas Bluesmaster. Add to the mix thought-provoking lyrics delivered with strong, honest vocals and you have one of the most original exponents of contemporary blues working today.

“Six String Svengali” not only demonstrates Buddy’s guitar prowess, his considerable songwriting skills are also showcased here, infusing a fresh new take into a long established genre.

Buddy Whittington 'entered the arena' on December 28, 1956, in Fort Worth, and became enamored of the electric guitar like countless kids of his vintage shortly thereafter, who were mesmerized at the reality that 'you plucked a string...'here', and the sound came out...'over there.'

Probably the biggest influence in young Bud's musical makeup was his teenage sister’s record collection, encompassing everything from British Invasion bands to American R&B hits of the day. Mr and Mrs Whittington were fans of the Western Swing sounds of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, and these country/jazz leanings soon began to emerge in the young guitarist’s musical vocabulary.
A succession of fledgling musical efforts with varying degrees of success ensued, culminating in an offer by John Mayall to join The Bluesbreakers in 1993. After 'receiving the call' Buddy went on to work with John Mayall until 2008, touring the world and recording eight albums in the process.

During several co-headlining tours of Europe and the US featuring Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and legendary Fleetwood Mac founder/guitarist Peter Green’s ‘Splinter Group’, a mutual admiration society emerged between Bud, Greeny’s bassist Pete Stroud and organist/pianist Roger Cotton. The musicians enjoyed watching each others’ sets, began playing together on the encores and started talking about getting together to play some music if the opportunity ever availed itself, which it did shortly thereafter when both The Splinter Group and The Bluesbreakers disbanded and left them all ‘at liberty.’
‘The Buddy Whittington Band’ became a reality and a well-attended string of UK gigs was booked with the addition of drummer Darby Todd, who had been touring and recording with Justin Hawkins’ ‘Hot Leg’ and jazz/funk dynamos ‘Protect the Beat’, in addition to playing numerous shows with both Pete and Roger.
The band has recorded a ‘live in the studio’ CD of blues standards and several original tunes from Bud’s Bluesbreakers days called ‘A Bag Full Of Blues’, currently available at the band’s shows.

During the last few years The Buddy Whittington Band has toured extensively in Europe playing venues throughout the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland & Italy including a concert hall tour with the late Gary Moore. Buddy and his band have played major festivals at Pistoia in Italy, Cazorla in Spain, the Jazzablanca Festival in Morocco, the JB'S stage at this years Limetree Arts and music festival, August 26th - 28th 2011 & the Great British R & B festival at Colne,

The tone, light and shade that Buddy injects into his performances have earned him many plaudits, including an appearance in Guitarist Magazine's 100 Top Unsung Guitarists.
‘Six String Svengali’ will consolidate Buddy’s growing reputation as truly talented blues artist in his own right.





It all started in 2000, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers together with Peter Green’s Splinter Group began a series of tours across the UK, America and Europe. Mayall has described Buddy as “possibly the greatest Bluesbreaker of them all”. Hailing from Fort Worth Texas, Buddy spent fifteen years playing alongside Mayall and some of the biggest names in Blues. His performances and song writing skills didn’t go unnoticed and he eventually released his solo album.

At the same time, Splinter Group’s Roger Cotton and Pete Stroud spent many years working alongside Peter Green, up until Green’s departure. In 2008 Mayall disbanded the Bluesbreakers line-up, releasing Buddy to further his solo career and...

This album was recorded live in the studio over two days at the end of the band’s May and November UK tours. Many of the songs included are by popular demand from our live repertoire, along with some new Blues... What initially started off as a record for us is now ‘A Bag Full Of Blues’ for you…

Buddy Whittington was the guitarist (and sometime singer) in the "John Mayall Bluesbreakers" lineup for 15 years.
Mayall described Buddy as possibly the greatest of all his guitar players which is apparent for the time that he kept Buddy with the Bluesbreakers.
Buddy toured the world over with the Bluesbreakers, played at the biggest festivals worldwide and shared the stage with many of the biggest names in the blues
world such as, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Robert Cray, Mick Taylor and Robben Ford to name just a few. 
He played on Mayall's CDs and was notably acclaimed for his guitar playing alongside Clapton on John Mayall's 70th birthday DVD filmed in Liverpool.
Both Pete Stroud and Roger Cotton have worked and toured with many bands from the UK but notably they were both long time members of Peter Green's Splinter Group, 
touring across the UK, Europe and the world and recording many CDs and a live DVD with the Splinter Group.
In 2000, Mayall's Bluesbreakers together with Green's Splinter Group embarked on what became a series of highly succesful UK, Europe and USA tours.
The sell out tours took in places such as The Royal Albert Hall to the Birmingham Symphony Hall etc.
After a 15 year lineup, Mayall decided to come "off the road" for a while and stood down his long time band. About the same time though Buddy released his first solo CD.
The CD was highly acclaimed and so Buddy came to the UK to join up alongside Pete Stroud and Roger Cotton with drummer Darby Todd. Darby plays with top UK jazz fusion band
"Protect The Beat" and also joined Justin Hawkins "Hot Leg, (he of the Darkness" fame) for a while. He had also worked with Pete on many London 'blues' gigs. 
With songs off Buddy's CD, the band also play favourite songs from Buddy's time with Mayall alongside some of the older and popular songs from Freddie to BB King etc.
Recently a new CD recorded 'live' in the studio with the band was made available. "A Bag Full Of Blues" is exactly as it says and has become a big 'hit' with the bands' followers. 
Even more recently, Buddy made another solo CD in the USA called "Six Stringed Svengali" released August 2011 on Manhaton records.
This current lineup has received huge amounts of praise for their musicality and performances both on stage and CD while retaining the sought after roots feel of the blues. 

Cheers Pete for the updated imformation..Gene

Pete Stroud - Bass


Pete Stroud the Buddy Wittington Band Bass alive and well at the Jb's stage August 28th Limetree festival 2011


Roger Cotton - Keyboards

Roger Cotton the Buddy Wittington Band Keyboards alive and well at the Jb's stage August 28th Limetree festival 2011


Darby Todd - Drums


Darby Todd - Drums the Buddy Wittington Band  alive and well at the Jb's stage August 28th Limetree festival 2011







Buddy Whittington playing the Jb's stage Limetree festival August 28th 2011




JB's would like to thank all the bands and individual artists for their participation in the 2011 festival, bringing along not only their amazing talents but also an energetic enthusiasm for the Limetree spirit of family fun and high quality music. Cheers again to everyone involved this year. Peace and love x

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